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Folk & More
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The Land

Mentras is one of the smallest Osvarii-governed lands in Alor, and also the second richest. Open to all forms of mahrymic technology, new fashions,  competitions, currencies, and everything the outside world has to offer, Mentras has become a beautiful blend of cultures that welcomes novelty with open arms.

The capital of Mentras, Valcursa, is constantly buffeted by all kinds of extreme weather: sandstorms, tornadoes, thunderstorms... Having no other territory of their own, the Mentrasii decided to profit from those calamities, and thus Valcursa became the capital of extreme racing, gambling, and combat. The ultimate summit for those seeking unforgettable thrill or boundless fame.

The city is surrounded by a giant circle of mahrymic runes that protects it from being completely obliterated off the map.

The city is also surrounded by five main different circuits: the Unforgiving Sea, the Scorching Canyons, the Merciless Winds, the Traitorous Quicksand, and the Eternal Cliff. Competitions are held all year round both in and outside the city. Osvarii from all over the world travel to find patrons or win substantial prizes so that they can participate in the “Big Five” Tournament, held once a year.

Land (Me)
Mahrym - Valcursa _ Capital of Mentras.jpg

Valcursa, Capital of Mentras

Illustration by Daniel Cunha


The Folk

Among Osvarii whose appearance is rather beast-like, Mentrasii are the ones considered the least humanoid.

Boasting fangs and sharp claws, most Mentrasii are completely carnivorous and will present feline or canine traits. As is the case with other similar races, Mentrasii can only reproduce amongst themselves.


A Mentrasi's face will be covered in bone, for the most part. As they grow and develop their mahrym and personalities, brown symbols will appear.

Mentrasii are known to enjoy partaking in competitions, and will interpret other contexts involving other Osvarii as a competition: racing against other drivers, climbing a mountain faster than other climbers, becoming the best student in class, being the first to buy a new mahrymic device, having a better holiday decoration than their neighbour.

While they are very competitive, Mentrasii are known to be gracious when admitting defeat, and will not hold grudges. In fact, most Mentrasii are extremely forgiving and tend to look forward, hardly ever backward, unless it is to learn from their past mistakes.

Culturally speaking, Mentrasii are very rich, and the vast majority know how to speak and write at least four different languages. 


Mentrasii are famed for electing very practical mahrym that will grant them an advantage over their competitors. There is such a broad range of competitions that it isn't possible to offer a classification of which Schools are the most-chosen. In recent years, there has been a notable increase in Mentrasii specialising in Control.


The law of the strongest is a Mentrasi's creed, and they live and abide by it. Yet strength doesn't necessarily come from physical ability, but can also come from the mind.

The Mentrasii's favourite goddess is, without a doubt, Liranj, who favours fortune. While the birdlike deity was originally exclusive to the small region of Irnell, Mentrasii welcomed her as their own the moment an Irnelli won the Big Five tournament flawlessly and offered the victory to the goddess.

Folk (Me)
Mahrym - Azira Jahir and Hera.png

Azira Jahir (and Hera),

Latest Champions of the Big Five Tournament

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe

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