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Fortress of Nordruna
King Volkgam II (face)

Cristina de Elías

The Kingdom of Nordruna and fearsome King Volkgam II were illustrated by talented Cristina de Elías. Thank you!

The Temple of Irnellia
Goddess Liranj window avatar - Mahrym Project

Katy Templeton

Have you visited the temple in Irnellia yet? You will find beautiful window illustrations narrating the legend of goddess Liranj. More deities soon!

Mezala BG Gradient - Mahrym_blur.jpg
Mezala BG Gradient - Mahrym_avatar.jpg

Zuza Grużlewska

Stunning Queen Mezala, the last living member of the Kafkara bloodline, was illustrated by Zuza! Thanks!

Mahrym - Merchant market in Vasrnara
Taya, the wandering merchant of Vasrna

Elin Nylund

Spiderspeaker (Mahrym School of Speech)

Krystyna Nowek

Mahrym - Kingdom of Toralech.png
Aiga Aelyn the bard - Mahrym Project avatar

Manuel P. Pérez

  • Website

The beautiful music of Alor has been composed by Manu. He's been collaborating with this project for a very (very) long time.

Outskirts of Narima (Nariv)
Anviel, character from Arnwell

Lauma Sliņķe

Lauma is bringing the vast majority of illustrations to life, from beautiful landscapes to characters, beasts, and banners. She is also illustrating the tales and misadventures of the Storyteller and Aiga the bard!

Arnädraig in Arnwell
Ilderil, sentinel of Arnwell

Beto Lima

The stunning illustrations of the Forests of Arnwell, trickster Isilda Vexari, the sneaky Arnädraig and many, many more have been brought to life by this incredible artist!

Arnwell night arnadraig
Gaimde - Mahrym Project avatar

Rafael Arame

Whenever you see a gorgeous animation up, Rafael is behind it. This includes, of course, the day-to-night timelapses of Arnwell and Gaimde, the Library of Vasrnara, and the Tale of Goddess Liranj!

The Library of Vasrnara
Character illustration of the curious traveller

Maira Galabard

After 15+ years of writing and worldbuilding, I finally started putting everything together with the help of other artists, who've brought many of my sketches, drawings and descriptions to life.


At the moment, I'm writing the first book of (hopefully) many in a fantasy saga. Sometimes I also write short stories, although it's been a while since I had time for new ones. Can't wait to show you more once things are ready.

Some of my all-time favourite games: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Fire Emblem VII, Skyrim.

And some authors whose work I love: Hirohiko Araki, Michael Ende, Terry Pratchett, and J.R.R. Tolkien.


Questions, suggestions, thoughts? 

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