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The Vasarigan Kingdoms

Commonly called "barbarians" or "savages" by Osvarii, Vasarigæ are those born without bone growing on their face, unable to inherit any form of mahrym as they are descendants from the giantess or goddess Vasari. Historians differ on the proper terminology when referring to her.

Most Vasarigæ struggle to survive in a world overrun by Osvarii, though their numbers grow larger by the day. Their cities and tribes, not long ago scattered across the world and lacking a clear hierarchy, are now ruled by Vasarigan kings and queens. However, many are still organised in smaller groups and work as hunters, gatherers, smiths or woodworkers.

There is nothing Vasarigæ desire more than to eradicate Osvarii from Alor. Needless to say the feeling is mutual. Skirmishes and intense battles are initiated by Vasarigæ who have nothing to lose and much to gain.

In spite of the above, cunning Vasarigæ are open to trade with the Osvarian Republic and sell their goods at black markets at close-to-unaffordable prices. They are generally people who were fortunate enough to learn how to read and write.

Most Vasarigan kingdoms tolerate merchants of the Temarigan Alliance.

Mahrym - Vasariga vs Osvari

Hjalsten, Vasariga, fighting an Osvari

Illustration by Beto Lima

Mahrym - King Artha III.jpeg
Queen Faunaris avatar
King Volkgam II
Mahrym - Queen Panaitheia_avatar.jpg
Mahrym - King Haralach_avatar.jpg
King Galenus V - The Mahrym Saga_avatar.jpg
Mahrym - Queen Mezala of Ylech_avatar
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