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The Osvarian Republic

Osvarii possess ancient abilities, powers, and knowledge that have allowed them to have the world of Alor at their feet for over three thousand years.

From controlling the growth of trees, to changing the direction of the wind, or turning rain into gold. There is little Osvarii can't do. 


Each Osvari follows a unique path of their choice, one no other has claimed it first. This journey of knowledge is also known as mahrym.

When an Osvari dies, their mahrym (or journey) can be inherited by a member of their family, a worthy apprentice, or the next in a carefully organised line of succession. Ultimately, it will be the gods who determine whether the heir is worthy of holding such knowledge and power. This passing of mahrym through generations is known as mahrym lineages.

Osvarii who have come of age (15) can inherit their mahrym during the solstice, though some prefer to wait until the mahrym they want is released -- meaning the previous Osvari has died. Mahrym is a lifetime choice and cannot be changed. No other people have such power to control, transform, and shape reality like Osvarii do.

The ability to inherit mahrym manifests itself on an Osvari's face by growing bone, resembling some sort of mask. Unlike actual bone, however, Osvarian bone can preserve its hardness yet be flexible enough to reflect the Osvari's many expressions. Curiously enough, that same flexible bone can grow on their arms and, with proper training, an Osvari can shapeshift at will.

Tarkhiai medic, Fintir Ysulvetr

Fintir Ysulvetr, Medic from Tarkhia

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe

Mahrym - Vasariga vs Osvari

Asgwyn, Osvari, fighting a Vasariga

Illustration by Beto Lima

Different races of Osvarii coexist in Alor. Despite their physical differences, faiths and customs, they all share common interests and are governed by the same Council, with the exception of the inhabitants of Meda and the Deragaii of Arnwell.

Osvarii from every city and village can vote for a representative of their land, and elect the core members of the Council, including, among others, the ministers of War, Faith, Coin, Arts, Health, Nature, Knowledge, Progress, Justice, Transport and Labour. Voting takes place every ten years, unless major issues need to be addressed or one of the Council members dies by cause of war.

There are several myths and legends surrounding the origins of the Osvarii. All of them have a connection with the famous hero, Ymyll, who united different tribes to fight Giants and Vasarigæ in a war for resources, and won. The first capital in the world that rebirthed was known as Osviria.

Though Osvarii in general are extremely wary of other factions, they do establish profitable relationships through treaties, agreements, temporary pacts and other arrangements, especially and in particular with the Temarigan Alliance.

Vasrna guard portrait
Gaimdei riding a water beast (detail)
Nariv farmer
Jissa Gon-Valnu, craftsman from Gorma
Rinni Harunome, hat mender from Falkor
Irnell matchmaker portrait
Anviel, character from Arnwell
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