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Gorma, buildings in the canyons
Folk & More
Jissa Gon-Valnu, craftsman from Gorma


The Land

If there is anywhere in the world of Alor one can see the heat causing the air to wave, that's Gorma. Or at least certain parts of Gorma. Being the land most struck by the two suns together with Vasrna, it boasts sunlight all year long.

Despite the warm temperatures, there are several hidden rivers, springs, and groundwater sources that make the land thrive. Gorman cities are built around these sources and, if depleted, will rotate to other encampments.

Gorma is divided into ten different regions, each presenting subtle varieties in their biome. While Gorma isn't a particularly big land, its vast canyons will make anyone feel lost shortly after entering, turning it into an endless labyrinth.

Buildings are carved into the canyons with great care and detail. As a curiosity, Gorman constructions have no doors or windows but many openings that allow sunlight to come through. It is believed spirits will prevent threats from trespassing.

Unlike other lands where mahrymic runes ("mahrunes") and technology are thriving, Gorma has taken a stand against the change as they believe that mahrunes interfere with the normal flow of both nature and raw mahrym.

Gorma banner
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City of Asgok in Gorma

The City of Asgok

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe


The Folk

The vast majority of Gormaii resemble reptiles and dinosaurs of old. Known to have the toughest skin among Osvarii, they resist (and enjoy) high temperatures more than any other race.

Gormaii are cold-blooded and therefore very dependant on sunlight. Fortunately, two suns crown the beautiful blue skies and, compared to the rest of the lands in the world, Gorma receives the most light of them all.


A Gormai deprived of sunlight will slowly start losing strength and their movements will become sluggish, up to the point where they will enter a state of dormancy until either their energy is completely depleted, or their body is struck by continuous sunlight again.

Like other Osvarii, the faces of the Gormaii are also made of bone. Typically, orange symbols will appear on their face as they develop their mahrym, skills and personality.

Traditions are extremely important to Gormaii. It is essential for them to know where they stand in a relationship, be it friends, lovers, family or work, even the dead, and the quality of said relationship. They have developed a complex gift system that is difficult for outsiders to grasp, as it depends on a vast number of factors. Any guidelines made for that purpose often become outdated.

It is well known that Gormaii are divided into clans, each of them controlling and protecting different regions within the land. They are ruled under the Soothsayer, who is elected by the chieftains. The Soothsayer will have passed a series of trials and will have proved their aptitude to read the suns and convey the messages of the dead.

Gormaii are generally humble and tranquil folk that have little desire for conflict, despite their bloodstained past. It is rare to find one outside Gorma due to the land's unique characteristics.

Neeza Von-Maverus having a well-deserved break

Neeza Von-Maverus, Renegade

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe


Unlike other lands, where gods and goddesses play extremely important roles in the daily lives of the people, Gormaii believe in the flow of fate, the spirits of nature, and the spirits of the dead.

Reading omens the right way is essential to ensure a hunt will be successful, a home is built on the right spot, or a newborn will lead a righteous life.

Totems can be found all over the canyons. They symbolise the spirits of the dead, who grant wisdom to those who seek their aid. It is believed that these spirits also protect the living from harm.

Jissa Gon-Valnu, craftsman from Gorma

Jissa Gon-Valnu, Craftsman

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe


Gormaii have unparalleled prowess in carving buildings out of rock. They are also excellent crafters, a skill they develop early on in life. Many Gormaii specialise in Materia mahrym for this very reason.

As conveying feelings is an essential part of their life, many of them also pursue specialisations in Emotion mahrym. Every gift and weapon are imbued with one or more kinds of Emotion.

Gorma totem for a warrior spirit

Fallen Warrior Totem

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe

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