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Folk & More
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The Land


Urgaia is well known for its strategic hills and mountains which, together with the poisonous fog that rolls out every night, ensure the protection of the Kingdom despite there being no walls. The land's pattern reminds visitors of a spiral, with the capital and its prominent castle at its very centre.


The land hasn't been fully mapped yet, as its borders are physically in constant change. Nobody has been able to explain this phenomena, but it does generate several geopolitical, diplomatic, and societal nuances. This has caused many of the homes by the border to be built as movable units, an alternative offered by King Galenus V to the constant complaints of his people.

There is a great variety of flora and fauna, with new specimens discovered every year. Urgaia boasts one of the greatest natural reserves in the world, with beasts thought to be extinct in other parts of Alor.

Land (Urgaia)


The Folk

The Vasarigæ of Urgaia are simple people who wish to be left alone. Most turn to trade for a living out of need rather than skill, and are content to have enough to live by.

Urgaians are also well versed in medicine, though only those able to afford tuition can even dream of becoming Doctors, Medics, Nurses or Healers. Becoming any of those professions is one of Urgaia's greatest honours.

Despite the Queen regent's best efforts to keep Urgaians in the region, the truth is that most of them emigrate to other lands in search of better opportunities. The vast majority move to Urgaia's sister region, the Kingdom of Adalta.

Urgaia is also known for its absent king, King Galenus V. Together with his brother, King Artha III, they dethroned their father and seized the former Kingdom of Adalgaia. The kingdoms of Urgaia and Adalta are the result of splitting the land among the two brothers.


After the coup, King Galenus V wed and immediately placed his new wife on the throne and put her in charge of all the affairs of the land. He then locked himself in the castle's dungeons, where he conducts questionable experiments. What, exactly, those experiments are is a mystery, and rumours abound both inside and outside of his Kingdom. He cares very little about such rumours.


King Galenus V - The Mahrym Saga.png

King Galenus V and his Experiments in the Castle Dungeons

Illustration by Beto Lima

Folk (Urgaia)
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