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Goddess of Fortune

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Long before history was written, the world was plagued with terrible calamities. Among the least fortunate was the tribe of Mirn.

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A great fire devoured Mirn when the first war broke out, destroying their land. Goddess Liranj heard the tribe’s cries and guarded them from a terrible destiny.

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The tribe wandered the highest mountains for many years in search of the goddess, praying to join her in the skies.

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Moved by their devotion, goddess Liranj granted the tribe of Mirn wings and feathers like her own, forever ridding them of the burdens of the earth.

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Irnell came to be. The tribe settled in the floating mountains in the skies and built many temples to honour the goddess with what little they had.

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Free from the shackles of the earth, Irnell prospered throughout the centuries, until they were ready to descend to help those left behind.

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In time, the goddess left Irnell, and her people now live in wait for her return. It is said that, some nights, she can be seen among the stars guiding those who are lost.

Illustrations by Katy Templeton

The Temple of Irnellia (Goddess Liranj)

The Temple of Irnellia

Illustration by Katy Templeton

The Legend of Goddess Liranj - Animation & Music

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