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The Land

The Queendom of Pygia was built over the blood and sweat of its subjects. A long succession of queens has ensured that those living under their rule remain loyal until their dying day.

Pygia can be found at the very border between Vasrna and Mentras, right by the river Sagissa. An incredibly privileged and strategic position, if only Pygians weren't cursed and could leave their land. 


This region is buffeted by constant sandstorms, and its winds and dunes are unpredictable. Every time someone with Pygian blood tries to abandon the land, they will be dragged right back to it through a series of fortunate (or unfortunate) events and circumstances.

While reaching the jewel of the desert can be an arduous journey, those who have visited it have been mesmerised by its unique architecture and gargantuan buildings. According to Pygian belief, there must be enough room for both the visiting deities and the soul of the queen.

The Queen

Queen Panaitheia, daughter of former queen Xerxissa, is considered the most beautiful and cruel among the Vasarigan leaders. While other rulers swiftly finish off their foes, queen Panaitheia enjoys a more prolonged suffering, providing a deeper meaning to her adversary's death, and giving way to terrifying stories that prevent unwanted visitors from venturing into Pygia.

When she feels the Pygians’ faith in her is quivering, she makes new colossal buildings emerge from the sands. Once the admiration and fear of her are restored, she will go back to her throne and send workers to finish the job she started.

Pygian royalty can speak and understand snakes. Snakes grow on the queen’s (and all of Pygia’s royalty’s) head, each snake with its own personality and opinion. They are the ones to give the queen their final verdict when passing righteous judgment. Sometimes they argue amongst themselves, and it’s not strange to see them fight over the queen’s attention.

Royalty only reveal their snakes in the throne room and while displaying power. Other than that, they will cover their heads completely with a tall elegant headdress, where the snakes rest.

Exiled members of the royal family will have all of the snakes on their heads cut off.

Mahrym - Queen Panaitheia.jpg

Queen Panaitheia Rebuilding Pygia

Illustration by Beto Lima

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