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Folk & More
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The Land


Protected by tall walls of stone, the Kingdom of Adalta has resisted against the Osvarian Republic for many, many years. Its temperate climate makes it an attractive destination to thousands of other Vasarigæ.


Its capital, Adurias, was carved off a giant rock in the middle of a lake by sculptor and architect Leathras Sarthal. On that rock and according to legend, King Hesthas I found a sword crafted by the giantess Vasari herself.

After that finding, buildings upon buildings were erected on the lake with a mighty church at its very top. This unique structure creates the illusion that new streets emerge behind every corner. Adurias (and, by extension, all of Adalta) is considered a land born of both myth, legend, and faith.


To outsiders, Adurias is a massive labyrinth-city of stone. To its citizens, it’s a well-fortified home.

Land (Adata)
Mahrym - City of Adurias.png

The Vertical City of Adurias, Capital of Adalta

Illustration by Daniel Cunha


The Folk

Adaltans have the utmost faith in their king, whom they see as an envoy of the gods sent to protect them from harm.

Hard-working and open to newcomers, Adaltans are happy to stay in their homeland from birth to deathbed serving a higher purpose.

While Adaltans don't lack for anything, there is a very strict control over the population and its resources to prevent scarcity, and to prevent Adaltans from pursuing selfish needs or false deities. While this may be seen as extreme by other lands, those who visit Adalta swear by its unique system and how, in only a few decades, poverty and famine have become a thing of the past.

Adalta is also a land of opportunities, especially for merchants and those in the farming business. Part of Adalta survives from trading with other lands, thanks to its strategic position, bordering with several kingdoms who are more than happy to be on Adalta's good side. Few want their names known by King Artha III.

King Artha III is famous for having dethroned his father. Together with his brother Galenus V, they seized the former Kingdom of Adalgaia overnight and murdered their progenitors in cold blood. After that, they divided the kingdom among themselves: Artha would have the capital and its surrounding cities (inner kingdom of Adalta), whereas Galenus kept the outer lands (outer kingdom of Urgaia).


King Artha III protects Adalta from atop Adurias -- a white vertical city built in the middle of a lake--, where his ancestors found the legendary sword of the giantess Vasari. He only leaves his throne if summoned to battle. He is honorable, pious, and paranoid that the day will come when someone will take the kingdom down.

Mahrym - King Artha III.jpeg

King Artha III holding the sword forged by giantess Vasari

Illustration by Beto Lima & Julie Araújo

Folk (Adalta)
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