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Folk & More
Mahrym - Tarkhiai hero avatar


The Land

Tarkhia is one of the largest lands in Alor, but also one of the least inhabited owing to its unforgiving cold climate. It is extremely difficult to access a territory that has physically detached itself from the other continents, and its borders are well protected by both ice walls and titanic beasts.

There are very few areas in Tarkhia where life can truly thrive, as most of them are polar deserts and glaciers. Towns and cities restructure and its citizens are constantly on the move, leaving odd hearth structures behind. These structures are later reused by travellers, who will build their tents around the hearth.

A great part of Tarkhia is still uncharted territory.

Land (Ta)
Mahrym - Tarkhia home.PNG

Tarkhian Home built around a Hearth

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe


The Folk

Vengeful and fearless, Tarkhiaii are the embodiment of taking justice by their own hand.

With their characteristic snow-white skin, ram ears and light blue symbols on their face of bone, Tarkhiaii are among the tallest and strongest Osvarian races, as well as the most stubborn.

One of the Tarkhiaii's most notable features is that they cannot become ill, making them ideal candidates in the medical field. Other races have attempted to mingle with Tarkhiaii to have their children inherit this unique trait, yet few have succeeded.

A Tarkhiai's physical strength is often inherited from their biological parents, but their mental strength comes from living in tight communities where they all teach and help one another. They are generally very wary of outsiders.

It takes a Tarkhiai a very long time to trust new people, and once their trust is broken it will be very difficult to mend that relationship. Tarkhiaii are known to hold grudges and will often carry small journals solely for this purpose. Grudges are passed on from one generation to the next, so that newer generations can find peace for the spirits of their ancestors.

Most Tarkhiaii never leave their land and, if they do, they will have a hard time being accepted back, even by their own families.

Tarkhiaii hold many unique rites and traditions that other Osvarii find shocking and have tried to ban for centuries, albeit unsuccessfully. One of the best-known rites is the Rite of Worthiness. When Tarkhian children turn five, they are left to fend on their own for as long as it takes to find their family again. According to Tarkhian records, only one out of twenty children will not make it. Families who have lost their children do not mourn them, for they believe their child lacked the strength to survive in Tarkhia.

Mahrym - Tarkhiai hero.PNG

Féstra, Spear of Ice

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe

Folk (Ta)
Mahrym - Tarkhia medic

Fintir Ysulvetr, Medic

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe


There are few in Tarkhia who don't specialise in Materia or Transformation mahrym, for they are the most practical among all mahrym to survive in that unforgiving land. Tarkhiaii are generally practical Osvarii and will choose a specialisation that will benefit the group, without pursuing their personal ambitions. Many Tarkhiaii become talented Medics.


Tarkhiaii are very reserved when talking about their faith. While most will admit some degree of devotion to Firn, the warrior god, it is rare to find a shrine or a temple in Tarkhia.

What Tarkhiaii do worship are powerful leaders and heroes that have led them to victory in battle. When a warrior is at their life's summit, they surrender themselves to the Eternal Ice, where their body will sleep until a great calamity wakes them once again.

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