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The Temarigan Alliance

To say the Temarigan Alliance is neutral in the conflict between the Osvarian Republic and the Vasarigan Kingdoms would not be accurate at all. Temarigæ take good care to make it look like everybody's winning while benefitting the most.

The Alliance finds its origins in the tiny Temariga Archipelago, south-east of Boscaria and limiting with Gaimde. The Temariga Archipelago used to be a meeting spot for unauthorised trade between Osvarii and Vasarigæ. In time, this led to building settlements and, inevitably, to Osvari-Vasariga mixes. Many Osvarii and Vasarigæ renounced their motherlands and became Temarigæ.

Temarigæ act as a bridge between Osvarii and Vasarigæ, and help keep commerce safe, treaties respected and borders controlled. Evidently, this doesn't stop them from smuggling certain forbidden goods from one side to the other, such as treasures, books and mahrymic devices.

The Alliance is led by a descendant of the first Temarigæ, who assumes the role of the Admiral together with an animal companion, native to the Temariga Archipelago. The companion will choose the Admiral, not the other way around, and will guide them in their decisions and travels. Should the companion die before the Admiral, it will be time to find a new Admiral. It is believed the animal companion is the embodiment of the spirits of all previous Admirals.

The current leader of the Temarigan Alliance is Admiral Verlena Deissant, one of the greatest negotiators in the world of Alor, well-known for her eccentricities, but also for her admirable deeds. It is said many have fallen head-over-heels for her, and while she laughs such attention off, she does read each and every single one of the love letters she receives.

Admiral Verlena Deissant (Temarigan Alliance)

Admiral Verlena Deissant

Illustration by Beto Lima

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