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The swamps of Arnara (in Arnwell), detail
Folk & More
Anviel, character from Arnwell
Ilderil, sentinel of Arnwell


The Land

Visitors are always mesmerised by the beauty of Arnwell. It is the largest land in all of Alor, home to extensive tropical, temperate and boreal forests, swamps, marshes, rivers and almost any imaginable beast, plant or flower. Nature is practically untouched, and the land thrives symbiotically with her inhabitants.

Animals roam free with little fear of being hunted, and trees grow strong and tall without worry of being cut down. 

Giant millennial trees known as élaran are sacred to most Arnwellii. Their roots run deep and far, reaching several ponds, lakes and rivers. Other saplings can grow from an élaran's roots. If one of the élaran is cut down, several hundreds of trees will perish with them.

Arnwellii build their homes inside and atop the trees. What they borrow from the forests, such as fallen branches, leaves, rocks or even abandoned spiderwebs, are always returned in other ways, serving as an equivalent exchange.

Mahrymic runes are used to protect sacred places and delimit borders with other lands. They are also used to prevent fires and floods. Most of the runes were carved on the ground centuries ago and very few know how to replicate them, for the ground is ever-shifting yet the ancient runes still hold. Modern runes need constant maintenance even though they serve the same purpose.

The forests of Arnwell can look ever-changing to those unfamiliar with the land, but there is a very simple explanation for this: arnädraig, the dragons of the forest, will perch on trees for days, mimicking the treetop leaves as they wait for unaware passers-by to steal any valuables they have. The arnädraig's coat changes with the seasons. If it wasn't because arnädraig are known as "forest healers" and because they give back as much as they take, they would be considered the most annoying pest in all of Arnwell.

One should be mindful, however, of the ashen grounds that serve as borders between Arnwellian and Boscarian territories. Attempting to trespass from one side to another without proper camouflage or training may end up in death. Arnwell is one of the few territories in Alor to have openly declared war to all Vasarigæ.

Arnwell banner
Land (A)
Ilderil, sentinel of Arnwell (daytime)

The Forests of Anrwell (Morning)

Illustration by Beto Lima

Ilderil, sentinel of Arnwell (rain)

The Forests of Arnwell (Rain)

Illustration by Beto Lima

Ilderil, sentinel of Arnwell (sunset)

The Forests of Arnwell (Sunset)

Illustration by Beto Lima

Ilderil, sentinel of Arnwell (night)

The Forests of Arnwell (Night)

Illustration by Beto Lima


The Folk

Arnwellii are fierce protectors of their land, and will not hesitate to punish those who take more than they give back.

Most Arnwellii have dark green symbols on their faces of bone, though some decorate their eyelids and lips with brighter colours.  They are known for having ears that resemble a hare's or a rabbit's, with different clans ruling over vast regions of the forests. It must be noted that Arnwellii abide by ancient rules, and will consider those gifted with wisdom, courage or strength as natural leaders in their communities.


Though most Arnwellii are known to keep to themselves most of the time, they are very thoughtful and considerate of others and will often make their friends' and families' lives better without them knowing and without expecting a reward.

It is also widely known that Arnwellii have a very strong sense of duty, and will always put duty before family and above their own fears and needs.


To Arnwellii, taking from nature without giving anything in return shows selfishness and little regard to the consequences of one's actions, two traits that are not tolerated in the community and that are severely punished.

Arnwellii are also known to be the most fertile of all races. The average Arnwelli will have five or six children, and there are families with twenty or more. Each child is seen as a blessing of the forest in return for other lives lost, and as an extra pair of hands that will care for the land.

It has also been confirmed that Arnwellii can feel another living being's pain, including the trees in the forest and even the vasarigæ's, reason for which they will only attack either to defend themselves, or if they are absolutely sure they will win.

Myrel, character from Arnwell

Myrel, Beauty of the Forest

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe

Anviel, character from Arnwell

Anviel, Exile

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe

Sarel, character from Arnwell

Sarel, Mercenary

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe

The swamps of Arnara (Arnwell)

The Swamps of Arnara

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe


Arnwellii generally don't wait to inherit their own mahrym. As soon as they turn fifteen, they want independence from their parents and have their own place while studying. The vast majority of Arnwellii, however, do have a preference for Materia, Morphing and Elemental mahrym.


Common professions for Arnwellii involve caring for plants and animals, though many become sentinels, scouts, spies, guards and warriors.


Most faiths accept Mirai as the goddess of love and mercy. To Arnwellii, Mirai is the mother to all deities and living beings, who nurtures them and guides them in times of need. 

Generally, Arnwellii are very accepting of other deities as long as they don't interfere with Mirai's work. An offence against nature is an offence against the goddess herself.

There are many temples and shrines to goddess Mirai across the forests of Arnwell, each of them built with the materials given by nature at the time of the building. She is often sculpted or depicted as a beautiful expectant woman, smiling, dressed in the colours of the forest.

Aénel Fálenach, escaping the Boscarians at the border

Aénel Fálenach, Escapist

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe

Folk (A)

Winter Myths

As the year comes to a close, the Giftbringer wanders the forests of Arnwell. Arnwellii believe that this deer spirit, born from the heart of the First Tree, brings gifts to those who have taken good care of the forest and its creatures.


The gifts can be anything from unique seeds to warm garments and blankets made of plants, unfreezing lakes and rivers in the coldest areas, granting a person a guardian beast, or even curing diseases believed to be incurable.


However, there is no tangible proof of the Giftbringer's existence, save for mysterious happenings all over Arnwell that time of the year.

The Giftbringer, a myth from Arnwell

The Giftbringer

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe



Music (A)
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