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The Land

Boscaria has blossomed in a world overrun by Osvarii, and is one of the Vasarigan Kingdoms expanding the fastest, thriving in the dawn of a new war.

Neighbour to Arnwell and part of Nordruna, Boscaria has taken over a tenth of their forests by use of the slash and burn technique. Farmers constitute the main force that keeps the land growing, advancing and evolving.

While the borders of Boscaria are, indeed, burnt trees and ashen ground, the core of the kingdom boasts stunning colourful patches of vegetation, crop fields, lush meadows, paddocks, hills covered in flowers, and the cleanest rivers and lakes.

The capital city, Ignalia, is home to hundreds of thousands of Boscarians. Its stunning architecture is the result of the wood mastery passed on from one generation to the next, and often depict fire and forest motifs. Their warm-coloured roofs and walls can be seen from miles away, giving the illusion the city is in flames when the sun is setting.

Land (Bosc)


The Folk

Boscarians thrieve where others perish, and aren't discouraged even when they have lost everything. Speaking in general terms and as described by historians, they're stubborn, hard-working, and don't take anything for granted.

Most Boscarians work either as farmers, merchants, or both. They are considered the main food producers and suppliers among the Vasarigan kingdoms, and as such they are quickly becoming more prosperous than any other.

This success has been attributed to Queen Faunaris, who inherited the thone in the year 3198.

Originally from a family of farmers, Queen Faunaris has devoted her life to the service of her people and is very rarely seen sitting ildly on the throne. As a firm believer that actions speak louder than words, she regularly visits the fields and her people, who are delighted to have her stay for a humble supper.

She is also a fierce warrior, known to carry a massive axe into battle. Despite her petite figure, the Queen is strong and dexterous. Rumours have it she had the weapon crafted by a Nordrunan craftsman.

Queen Faunaris is most recognised not only for her blazing hair, but also for carrying a lit torch to guide her warriors in battle.

While she doesn’t stand out for being particularly charismatic, Boscarians look up to her as a mother to all of them.

Queen Faunaris

Queen Faunaris

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe

Folk (Bosc)
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