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The inverted mountains of Irnell, the land in the sky
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The matchmaker from Irnell (birdfolk)
Irnell adrenaline rush


The Land

A natural frontier between Falkor and Meda, the mountain range of Irnell floats high above earth and water. The land is also known as the inverted mountains, for it is exactly what they are. The name Irnell means "land in the sky".

Isolated from the mundane troubles of the world, Irnell is a paradise in the clouds. It is precisely the clouds and the mist what cloak them from the barbarians' preying eyes. 

Waterfalls unfold from Irnell to the earth below, some in the form of a soft drizzle woven by the winds, others with a roar that can be heard from miles away. 

Overall, Irnell architecture reminds one of bird nests, both those constructed in stone and those built with grass, flowers, trees and sticks. A single Irnelli can spend years building the same home in the hopes of being noticed by a potential lifelong partner, hence why one can find different architectures where folk from other lands have settled.

Something that shocks outsiders is the fact there are no boundaries anywhere. Not even the dangerous cliffs are protected with mahrymic runes. There is a reason for this, and it is because of flight competitions among common Irnellii. While for younger Irnellii this is but pure adrenaline, for older Irnellii it is a performance meant to entice a possible partner-for-life.

For those who cannot fly, there are many tunnels and hanging bridges inside and outside the inverted mountains. One must not be afraid of heights if planning to travel there.

The core of Irnell's beauty can be found at its capital, Irnellia, for the mountain's core was turned into a beautiful cathedral to the goddess Liranj, with magnificent stained glass windows and natural light coming from every direction. It took Irnellii several centuries to build, for only the hands of those who had truly devoted their lives to the goddess were allowed so close to the heart of the mountain.

Irnell banner
Land (I)
The inverted mountains of Irnell, the land above the clouds


Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe

Irnell - Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe


The Folk

There are over a hundred names to call a lover in Irnell: from Vaestei to Iarenit, Irnellii will use different terms to refer to those whose love runs as deep as the roots of a white oak, or those whose interactions are as fleeting as the life of a mayfly.


There are two variants of Irnellii: those who have wings and those who do not. Those with wings are considered true descendants of the goddess Liranj (Fortune), who was said to resemble a bird herself. They are in charge of keeping Irnell safe and cannot leave the land.


Irnellii without wings, on the other hand, are the result of millennia of mixed osvarii relations. Though they do resemble common Irnellii overall --both have holes where the ears should be and bird-like features--, mixed Irnellii don’t have a beak, and their eyes are generally smaller. In addition, they weigh more than common Irnellii.


The symbols on their faces, covered in bone just like all other osvarii, are of a different shades of pink.


Irnell’s one of the few regions in Alor where ræ aren’t used as currency, as they work as a tight community and exchange goods, favours and merits. They have extremely detailed charts

including all equivalencies and exchange rates. Irnellii don’t make distinctions between rich and poor folk, but rather on who has the most merits in several different fields.


Quite oblivious to the happenings in rest of world, Irnellii loathe partaking in other lands’ affairs and are unwelcoming of visitors. They have a strong sense of pride, as they are the only race within the osvarii that can, indeed, fly. Many millennia ago, they were thought to be gods who had descended from the skies.

Despite their calm appearance, Irnellii love a good challenge and will partake in competitions to jump off a cliff see who stops closer to the ground, either with their wings (common Irnellii) or with a mahrymic device (mixed Irnellii).

Unlike other races, where love can be fleeting, Irnellii in general will remain with the same partner for life. When their lifelong partner dies, the other will often die of sadness. Their feelings run deeper than that of any other race.

Jesmyr Silverwind, dancer from Irnell

Jesmyr Silverwind, Dancer

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe

Aidil Summernest, matchmaker from Irnell

Aidil Summernest, Matchmaker

Illustration by Lauma Sliņķe


While prejudice may lead one to think Irnellii pursue Emotion mahrym specialisations, the truth is that they are better versed in Speech and Materia. Irnellii who have specialised in Speech are in high demand.


Most Irnellii will become matchmakers, historians, philosophers or genealogists, any profession that allows them to satiate their curiosity involving relationships and family trees. Others will become infamous architects, especially if they aren't focused on securing a lifelong partner.


Liranj, goddess of fortune, is believed to have gifted Irnellii with wings to rid them of the burdens of the earth. Those living in the skies are thought to be closer to the goddess, hence why the temples to Liranj are the tallest among the deities.

Irnellii have gone as far as to transform the core of several mountains into beautiful cathedrals full of natural light, the most beautiful of them all found at the very heart of Irnellia.

While Irnellii care very little for other deities, they are very zealous for their goddess. They will not tolerate any insults towards her, and expressions such as "Liranj's luck" are frowned upon.

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